The Best Applications Never Stop Running

There is no shame in running a 20, 30, even 40 year old application in production. Sometimes, the old code is so complex, so optimized, so perfectly suited to your business needs that the best choice is to prop it up and keep it running as long as possible.

Other times, that old application needs to be containerized, API-ified, and turned into a microservice. VonGuard Consulting can help with our highly honed Legacy Maturity Model. We can help you determine the proper path forward for your ancient software thanks to decades of experience, and contacts throughout the vintage and antique computer world.

Your existing teams can handle these tough legacy applications, but they likely require some confidence and training. Ancient computers can be hard to find documentation on, and old software without comments can cut the business like a razor. Through our Legacy Maturity Model, your teams will find the structure and confidence they need to tackle those long-running applications you’ve renamed “technical debt.”

Sample modernization project:

  • Original system was built for Stratus VOS server and Commodore 64 client.
  • Original codebase was written in PL/1.
  • Codebase was rehosted on git.
  • Team assembled and sorted for JavaScript-based rewrite.
  • Four year effort resulted in full modernization and port to Linux.
  • Emulated client side, allowing original user hardware to be reused.
  • All volunteer labor.
  • $0.00 spent on entire project.