Want stuff? Become a cheap-ass journalist!

This is a very short and very unethical guide to becoming a gadget blogger.

First, start a blog. Get your own DNS, dress it up to look pretty.

Second, write a buncha blogs about a buncha things. Write about your Nintendo Switch, review your TV, write about your favorite PC component. Write, write, write!

The Twitch streaming crowd calls their 16-hours-a-day-7-days-a-week effort “The Grind.” and say it takes years of constant grinding to gather a decent following. The same is true of YouTubers, who have to build tons of content, and actually include video editing into the mix as well!

Fuck all of that, go write some god damned blogs! Blogs are so rare these days, you’ll have little competition, and if you actually write something interesting and unique about a specific television, it’ll get traffic surprisingly fast: there’s little useful content out there online anymore.

Step three, sign up for PR lists. Sign up for media lists at gadget companies and PR firms. Write blogs about the press releases they send you.

Step four: Gift Guide! Reach out to all of those lists and firms and companies and inform them you’re doing a gift guide! They’ll send you stuff! Some they will want you to send back, others they will not. Cooking gadgets, laptops, PC equipment, skateboard decks, climbing gear, knives, car parts ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE!

Do it. Even tiny print and blog outlets get attention, especially because you reaching out to the PR people is a great way for them to get a quick win for their clients. Generally, they’re trying to figure out who they should be greasing in the YouTube and Twitch world, already, so if you are not in that world and stand up and ask for stuff, they might be excited to hear from you!

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