On-Demand Sanity Checking

Are you alone in the world, backed into an IT  corner, with no one to turn to and everyone against you? Is it you, or them? Is it the product or is it the developer? Is it the market or the content? Are you even asking the right questions?

VonGuard Consulting offers phone-based, hourly consulting services for quick, affordable sanity checking. Just signed into a new job on a product and need some quick advice? Need someone to throw a PowerPoint deck at and give notes? Preparing a public relations pitch that could cut both ways? Schedule a quick sanity check call.

  • Get a quick pep talk on the vulnerabilities of your competitors.
  • Double check a press release and marketing push for tone and direction.
  • Hear about others in your situation throughout time.
  • Prioritize your fires with some calm, soothing rationality and experience.
  • Check your presentation against a live audience with knowledge of your subject matter.
  • Sanity check your business reality: are your goals impossible, or out of order?

With over two decades of experience watching the software industry in all its shapes and sizes, VonGuard Consulting has seen and heard it all before. From working with legacy systems which even the Computer History Museum had forgotten to preserve, to giving possible acquisition targets a once-over for personality conflicts, VonGuard Consulting is an experienced voice of reason from whence to get a control reading before unleashing your experiments into the world.

With quick, insightful questions, VonGuard Consulting can help you get to the heart of your problem and find some semblance of balance in the whirling chaos of the modern IT marketplace.