Can You Connect to the Right Buyer?

Product development is a challenging road fraught with possible missteps and passed opportunities. Get the right view from the outside to clear your vision and perfect your craft. For internal or external public relations, marketing, and lead generation, we can provide a window into the hidden opportunities in the complex IT market landscape.

With your heads down shipping code and announcing features, an outsiders view of the world provides that breath of fresh air your team may need to focus down at the right place and the right time. Perhaps a great lead is only one feature shipment away! It’s hard to see the chance to soar when you’re spending your time trying to stay afloat.

Does your team have intellectual property problems? Software patent issues? Copyright challenges? VonGuard can also help with these problems, thanks to a dedicated team with in-depth knowledge of the history of computing. The long view provides a vantage point from whence to gaze into the troughs and mountains of the technology cycle. Don’t get caught up in a wave of panic. Let VonGuard help your product team navigate rough waters with IT consulting, IP consulting, and holistic marketing help.