All Companies Have Stories

Let us help you expose those stories to your customers and leads as fast as possible. Marketing must be just as agile as software development, and that means generating a lot of content very quickly, then moving to new topics on demand to produce even more content. You need a team that can keep up with your fast paced competitors.

VonGuard Consulting includes unlimited edits, and a fast-response process, allowing us to turn around your marketing content needs in tight time frames. Affordable rates ensure your projects can be built to custom specifications for fast marketing tests and agile adaptation to demand. Years of experience ensure our teams get up to speed quickly and can handle any IT topic in days.

When the market for your technology demands the absolute best knowledge materials available, VonGuard Consulting can provide your team with the text they need. We provide deeply technology knowledgeable writers, who can boil down industry jargon into actual ROI and CIO language. With decades of in depth writing experience on IT subjects, VonGuard Consulting is your one-stop shop for all of your white paper and ebook needs.

Generating reliable, high quality leads is difficult, but your marketing teams likely have a good idea just where those leads exist. Use VonGuard Consulting to coax them out of hiding to read your targeted IT white papers and case studies. With easy-to-read prose, concise verbiage, and unparalleled experience, VonGuard Consulting can draw attention to your products with compelling content on intensely complex topics.

  • Fast turn around.
  • Wide range of topics across IT and software.
  • Unlimited edits.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Quality content.

All product companies have stories.

They’re buried inside your development teams, your marketing departments, and your CEO’s office. Let VonGuard Consulting coax out those tales, and spin them into professional, white-label blogs, case studies, and marketing materials.

Lean on our 20 years of experience in communicating complex technological ideas to consumers and non-technical readers. From sponsored articles, to corporate blogs, VonGuard provides the text if you provide the stories and the names to put on them.

From weekly blog posts for your engineers, to larger, in-depth portraits of your mission, VonGuard Consulting can give your software company the voice it needs to connect with great leads. We can craft blog entries about the deeply technical facets of your products, perform enlightening Q/A’s with your founders, or build articles for mainstream publication under your CEO’s byline.

Find your target market with enticing and enriching content, consistently generated, on time and on point. Build your ecosystem with the help of expert story tellers who understand your market, and your customers.